And…we’re done [With Facebook]

After about 11 years on the platform, and about two years of continually thinking about deleting it… I finally deactivated my FB account last week.

Given that Facebook has little desire to safeguard our data – at least until they’re forced to – about two years ago (post-election) I removed all my personal data (address, workplace, etc) from the site and disabled the platform – the latter of which was how third-party applications and companies access the former. I went far enough to also remove the FB app from my phone and disabled all notifications. In doing so I found without a constant reminder, I didn’t look at it as much anyways. And since then the amount of animosity and vitriol that existed on there simply made FB not worth it any more.

It’s only been a little less than a week and other than a few times when I’d go to the browser on my phone and instinctively try to go to the URL or go to click on the Chrome tool bar shortcut – I haven’t really missed it. Nothing groundbreaking – no “OMG, I feel liberated!” moments as of yet.

Right now, Twitter is filling the void of ‘thing to look at when bored.’ It’s not reached the point where I feel the need to avoid it, but then again it’s user interface doesn’t lend itself (in my opinion) to much more than a few minutes of scrolling. Time will tell.

Canadian Rockies, Day Two: Kootenay Nat’l Park & Town of Banff

On our second day of our Canadian Rockies adventure (did you miss Day 1?) we woke up to a cool morning as we departed Radium Hot Springs for the entrance to the first park: Kootenay National Park (official) (Wikipedia). The weather so far wasn’t unlike what Seattle had experienced this summer: warm, dry days and cool, refreshing nights. After a tasty breakfast at the motel, we hit the road for the park entrance – it was less than a kilometer away.

Radium Hot Springs Morning
A cool mountain morning.

The actual entrance to the park was unique in that it went through a canyon – Sinclair Canyon, to be exact – on its way to a valley where you could see cool alpine rivers and sweeping views of the valley and its bordering mountains.

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Dog Days of Summer

I would say it’s been extraordinarily hot here in Seattle….because it has been – at least this week. When I moved here in June of 2014, I remember that summer being pretty toasty – mild compared to SC in terms of heat and humidity – especially since 2/3 o f places in Seattle and the PNW typically do not have air conditioning. The following two summers were pretty warm as well – normal PNW summers I am told, with several weeks of abnormal heat. Up until this week this summer wasn’t very bad at all – upper 70s during the day with lows in the upper 50s and lower 60s. Those are the summers I signed up for. Tomorrow is allegedly going to hit upper 90s. Bleh.

Live weather from the weather station I’ve mounted on our roof: KWASEATT1710.

I’ll be hiding out in the bedroom with the portable AC unit.

On Memorial Day

Remember as you say ‘Happy Memorial Day’ to friends and family that the holiday is meant for solemn rememberance of those who gave their lives in defense of this country – not for barbecues and retail sales.

Also remember that those who are currently serving and veterans have holidays in their own honor (Armed Forces Day & Veteran’s Day, respectively). Those days are for them – veterans came home (myself included), and active duty are still alive. Memorial Day is for those who didn’t come home.