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Seattle & King County Public Health COVID-19 Dashboard

Seattle & King County Public Health have created a Summary Dashboard for KC’s COVID-19 data, using Seattle’s own Tableau. It’s interactive, so click the link above to tool around with the data, and even download the dataset if you wish.

There’s some talk about us flattening the curve, however I think it might be too early to tell. I think if our last two weeks have done any work on the total counts, it’ll slowly become evident in the next week or so.

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Dog Days of Summer

I would say it’s been extraordinarily hot here in Seattle….because it has been – at least this week. When I moved here in June of 2014, I remember that summer being pretty toasty – mild compared to SC in terms of heat and humidity – especially since 2/3 o f places in Seattle and the PNW typically do not have air conditioning. The following two summers were pretty warm as well – normal PNW summers I am told, with several weeks of abnormal heat. Up until this week this summer wasn’t very bad at all – upper 70s during the day with lows in the upper 50s and lower 60s. Those are the summers I signed up for. Tomorrow is allegedly going to hit upper 90s. Bleh.

Live weather from the weather station I’ve mounted on our roof: KWASEATT1710.

I’ll be hiding out in the bedroom with the portable AC unit.