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Save Masks for the Medical Staff

So I guess yesterday, Trump in his usual ‘management’ style of ‘whichever way the window blows’ or ‘many people are saying’ mulled over whether making everyone wear masks in public was something he wanted to do.

This is is despite guidance from CDC and WHO that wearing masks for the general public is not necessary and provides little benefit; instead focusing on the need to wear a mask only if you are the sick person, or work around sick people (such as medical staff). Other countries have made mask wearing compulsory, even in the face of dubious benefits.

Note the absence (at this time) in either guideline above of the suggestion to wearing mask out in general public, unless you’re ill

Considering the shortage, one would think it would be prudent that perhaps we should save it for medical staff who are in much riskier situations and are consistently exposed before we suggest that all the Karens wear a mask when she goes to the store. If masks were plentiful – and currently they are not – and they provide an ounce of prevention – then sure, draw attention to yourself and wear a mask.

Mask shortage is medical industry’s fault?

Trump also suggested that mask shortages are due to hospitals and staff hoarding them, and even had the gall to suggest they were being sold. Yes, really. This man is a piece of shit – if he really thinks that maybe that would be the time to keep it to yourself and not state it on a podium.

“We have some healthcare workers, some hospitals … hoarding equipment including ventilators,” Trump said at the White House following a meeting with corporate executives, including from U.S. Medical Group.

The man just makes stuff up as he goes without regard for the impact of what he says. As infuriating as it is normally, with the crisis going on now it’s downright dangerous.