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Alright Y’all

Some of y’all still don’t get it, I’m afraid.

Given the amount of free time I currently have, as I am sentenced to work from home (WFH) for the foreseeable future, I spend too much time on Facebook. To be clear, I feel that any time on Facebook is too much time (it’s a societal cancer, the company sucks, favors money over laws, etc). That said, I see a lot of y’all need some perspective.

You can live without a haircut.

It’s true, I promise. Y’all should be staying at home – even in SC where Gov McDouchebag’s ‘order‘ was more of a ‘Stay home unless y’all got somewhere else ya wanna be.’ Ain’t no one gonna see your long and unkempt hair if you’re staying at home. If you’re concerned about others seeing it, well – you’re staying at home wrong.

If you’re that stressed about it – fine, cut it yourself. Your barber or hairstylists can lose their license if they cut their hair outside the salon or licensed place of business. And what if you spread COVID to them, and they spread it to others? Or the inverse – you get it from them, and they spread it to you?

That would be a hell of a favor – risking their career for you. Are you going to pay their bills if they lose their license so you can have that fresh cut? What about their medical bills if they get sick doing so?

People are getting sick, many are dying and you are worried about that fade

I know people who have lost family members. I personally know people that have gotten sick from it. I have family members with medical issues who would probably be die if they were to contract COVID. Can you live with that on your conscience if you got someone sick and they died? Or you got them sick and they passed it to a household member who died?

Stay the fuck home already.

None of us like this – I don’t like this. I want to be out and about enjoying the spectacular Pacific Northwest. Do the right thing. Your fucking haircut can wait.


Nearly 30% of Americans Think COVID-19 Came From a Lab

The correlations are exactly what you would expect, too

Republicans and Republican-leaners believe it was lab-created more than any other group. This should come as no surprise as it is likely the same group that also listens to sensational ‘news’ (Fox, etc) and is subjected to conspiracy theories. The fact that Trump himself subscribes to those theories isn’t useful either.

Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are more likely than Democrats and Democratic leaners to say the coronavirus was created in a lab (37% vs. 21%). About four-in-ten conservative Republicans say this (39%), the largest share of any ideological group.

Pew Research Center (source URL under graphic below)

There’s also a correlation between education level and belief in where the virus came from as well. Consider too that higher education tends to mean more liberal – a correlation that is really not surprising at all. Correlation != causation, but it is an interesting datapoint is all.

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China Decides to Release Accurate Numbers

In a surprise to no one, China was releasing numbers favorable to the regime

In China, people who test positive for the virus but don’t have any symptoms are not classified as confirmed cases. This runs counter to the practice in countries like South Korea, Japan and Singapore, where all patients who test positive are included in official tallies of total cases, regardless of whether they have symptoms such as a fever or cough.

The same government that covered up – perhaps for many weeks or even a month – the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in late 2019 – has now been found to have been releasing incomplete case numbers. This should come as absolutely no surprise – a tiger doesn’t change its stripes. See also: SARS; Swine Flu.

Why, though?

Since they prematurely declared they ‘won’ the battle against the very same pandemic that they initially botched, thereby likely allowing it to get out of control in Wuhan and thus, the rest of the world; releasing any information to the contrary would be the equivalent of losing face and embarrassment to the CCP. You can’t have that! Add to it that China has kicked out foreign journalists and the fact that the CCP has complete control over all media in China – now you have no other narrative than the one they wish to publicize.

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Save Masks for the Medical Staff

So I guess yesterday, Trump in his usual ‘management’ style of ‘whichever way the window blows’ or ‘many people are saying’ mulled over whether making everyone wear masks in public was something he wanted to do.

This is is despite guidance from CDC and WHO that wearing masks for the general public is not necessary and provides little benefit; instead focusing on the need to wear a mask only if you are the sick person, or work around sick people (such as medical staff). Other countries have made mask wearing compulsory, even in the face of dubious benefits.

Note the absence (at this time) in either guideline above of the suggestion to wearing mask out in general public, unless you’re ill

Considering the shortage, one would think it would be prudent that perhaps we should save it for medical staff who are in much riskier situations and are consistently exposed before we suggest that all the Karens wear a mask when she goes to the store. If masks were plentiful – and currently they are not – and they provide an ounce of prevention – then sure, draw attention to yourself and wear a mask.

Mask shortage is medical industry’s fault?

Trump also suggested that mask shortages are due to hospitals and staff hoarding them, and even had the gall to suggest they were being sold. Yes, really. This man is a piece of shit – if he really thinks that maybe that would be the time to keep it to yourself and not state it on a podium.

“We have some healthcare workers, some hospitals … hoarding equipment including ventilators,” Trump said at the White House following a meeting with corporate executives, including from U.S. Medical Group.

The man just makes stuff up as he goes without regard for the impact of what he says. As infuriating as it is normally, with the crisis going on now it’s downright dangerous.

General News Seattle

Seattle & King County Public Health COVID-19 Dashboard

Seattle & King County Public Health have created a Summary Dashboard for KC’s COVID-19 data, using Seattle’s own Tableau. It’s interactive, so click the link above to tool around with the data, and even download the dataset if you wish.

There’s some talk about us flattening the curve, however I think it might be too early to tell. I think if our last two weeks have done any work on the total counts, it’ll slowly become evident in the next week or so.

General Military News

Only In America…

…can a man who avoided his compulsory duty to the nation order those who voluntarily completed their duty to the nation, out of retirement and back onto active duty to help fix the COVID-19 response he bungled for weeks.

Trump has authorized the DoD to recall some Guard and Reservists, as well as some from the IRR, should the DoD feel the need to do so. Only slightly ironic, considering Trump dodged the draft for ‘bone spurs.’ Dodging the draft during the Vietnam War was apparently pretty easy for people with money. Remember those bone spurs when you watch Trump waddle around the golf course.

The order applies to units and individual members in the National Guard and Reserves and certain Individual Ready Reserve members who are normally in an inactive status, according to Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman. Members of the IRR can be involuntarily recalled during a national emergency.

When one joins the U.S. military you are obligated to complete eight (8) years of service – known as the Military Service Obligation (MSO). The MSO can be completed with a combination of active duty, reserve, guard – or more common for those that just do a single enlistment, the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR).

I also had an 8 year MSO. However, I signed up in October of my senior year of high school, and that time also counted toward my MSO. My enlistment began 28 Jul 1997 with an initial 4 years active duty in the USAF, followed by 23 months extension to meet retainability requirements for a retraining (I went from maintenance to aircrew). When I left active duty, I had 5 yrs, 11 months and 29 days on active duty, plus my delayed enlistment time counting towards the 8 yr MSO. I had about two years or so in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) – it ended in October 2005 – eight years after I originally signed up in October 1997.

I think it’s pretty rich that a president who has no qualms about dodging the draft – and who accepts no responsibility for his actions – can call up or activate people who have already fulfilled their active duty or reserve obligation. We’re fortunate that most of those folks are more patriotic and dedicated to this country than the ‘elected’ Commander in Chief.

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FL Spring Breakers Say They’re Sorry

But Dodge Responsibility – Blames Government

Is accepting responsibility for your actions a thing anymore? At least we know it isn’t generational – the septegenarian that was ‘elected’ as the President of the United States seems to dodge responsibility as readily as 22-year old drunk kids on the beach in Florida.

“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying” 

Brady Sluder – Vapid College Student

Amazingly, merely a week after they were partying they express some remorse. But they are quick to offer the caveat the the government wasn’t clear enough. Gimme a break. Yeah, Trump sucks and was dismissing it until even he couldn’t dismiss it any longer, but c’mon kids – you’re an ‘adult’ and Uncle Sam isn’t your daddy.

News Politics

First Time for Everything

There once was a time when online newspapers were free to read; that time is long gone. I’ve never paid for an online news subscriptions, as I could usually find the story I wanted to read somewhere for free or find a way to get past the x number of free articles per month pay wall.

Yesterday I paid for a subscription to the New York Times. I don’t live in New York and have zero interest in local NY stories or even ever living in NYC – but that’s not important.

What’s important is that Donald Trump hates them – hates them with a passion. And honestly, that’s almost reason enough to buy a subscription. You have to remember that Trump hates the truth; as a liar it’s his arch enemy. So the fact that he hates the NYT means they’re doing their job. And that I can get behind.

For all two of you who read this (I’m being generous) I encourage you to support your local news outlet if you can. Especially if Trump hates them.