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Only In America…

…can a man who avoided his compulsory duty to the nation order those who voluntarily completed their duty to the nation, out of retirement and back onto active duty to help fix the COVID-19 response he bungled for weeks.

Trump has authorized the DoD to recall some Guard and Reservists, as well as some from the IRR, should the DoD feel the need to do so. Only slightly ironic, considering Trump dodged the draft for ‘bone spurs.’ Dodging the draft during the Vietnam War was apparently pretty easy for people with money. Remember those bone spurs when you watch Trump waddle around the golf course.

The order applies to units and individual members in the National Guard and Reserves and certain Individual Ready Reserve members who are normally in an inactive status, according to Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman. Members of the IRR can be involuntarily recalled during a national emergency.

When one joins the U.S. military you are obligated to complete eight (8) years of service – known as the Military Service Obligation (MSO). The MSO can be completed with a combination of active duty, reserve, guard – or more common for those that just do a single enlistment, the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR).

I also had an 8 year MSO. However, I signed up in October of my senior year of high school, and that time also counted toward my MSO. My enlistment began 28 Jul 1997 with an initial 4 years active duty in the USAF, followed by 23 months extension to meet retainability requirements for a retraining (I went from maintenance to aircrew). When I left active duty, I had 5 yrs, 11 months and 29 days on active duty, plus my delayed enlistment time counting towards the 8 yr MSO. I had about two years or so in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) – it ended in October 2005 – eight years after I originally signed up in October 1997.

I think it’s pretty rich that a president who has no qualms about dodging the draft – and who accepts no responsibility for his actions – can call up or activate people who have already fulfilled their active duty or reserve obligation. We’re fortunate that most of those folks are more patriotic and dedicated to this country than the ‘elected’ Commander in Chief.