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So this blog has been around in some form or fashion from back in the LiveJournal days. I’m actually surprised LJ is still around.  You may be wondering why the title ‘Signal46’ – when I was a police dispatcher, signal 46 was defined as ‘unit in distress’ (so did 10-46 as well) – the type of radio call where everyone and everything heads to help out said unit. It popped into my head years ago and it stuck.

The Author

I’ve been around since some time long ago. Not that long ago, but not all that recent either. Currently I’m an IT geek in Seattle, WA, though in the past I’ve been (in no particular order) a police dispatcher, firefighter, cable guy, USAF aircrew, and finally settled in IT. I amuse myself enjoying all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer: skiing, mountains, hiking and the short yet abundantly beautiful summers we have here.