Oh, The Travesty

Entitled tech-babies lament the loss of free food while others lose jobs and struggle to pay rent and other bills

COVID-19 has hit the world hard. In America, perhaps especially so, given the worthless ‘leadership’ in the White House. But, please, take a minute and think of those facing the most difficult hardship of all: the tech company employees.

Yes, the people that work for companies that treat ethics and morality as mere distractions in the quest of the almighty dollar, are struggling too:

“My productivity has gone down as well Because (a) I didn’t have a coffee machine at home, and ended up either having to take a mile-long walk to Starbucks or fight against my morning drowsiness; (b) I now need to cook, do the dishes, etc, which are previously handled by the office cafeteria,” one person posted on the site.

You see, without the promise of free food, or laundry pickup, or even reimbursable car service, they’re forced to have to forage for food themselves, wash their own clothes, and gasp! figure out how to get from point A to point B. What a terrible way to live!

I mean, can you just imagine. This kind of suffering is unwarranted. Good thing some of the most honest companies have really stepped up:

Additional source:

Life is tough, so they get to keep a job, but get paid a lil extra for the privilege, don’t have to worry about sucking at their job – you’ll get a ‘exceeds expectation’ – which just means they’ll get that fat bonus. Good for them!

So while you are hearing in the news about unemployment, businesses going under, and you have friends and family without any income – and let’s not even mention that many people have lost friends and family – please, think of the suffering tech employees.

Learned helplessness is real.

I offer the best thing one can offer in these times for our embattled tech employees: thoughts and prayers.

Or send takeout.

Disclosure: I do still have a relatively well-paid tech job during COVID. No it’s not for the greedy tech companies, and no, I don’t get any perks – but I do get the paycheck.