Trump’s ABC Mantra: Always Be Conning

Even during COVID-19 which is killing people, Trump is finding a way to ensure himself and his political donors benefit. Because of course he is.

Sanofi is a French pharmaceutical company that makes the drug hydroxychloroquine (aka Plaquenil – not sold in the U.S.) – a drug Trump has been touting as a cure for COVID-19 despite warnings from any valid medical official to the contrary, and despite that the FDA hasn’t approved it (or any drug) for the treatment of COVID-19 (only testing).

Trump even blocked Dr. Fauci from answering questions regarding the efficacy of the drug. Seems weird that he’d be so adamant about that, eh?

Trump’s three family trusts have investments in a Dodge & Cox mutual fund, with Sanofi as the largest holding, according to the Times

Surprise! Nah, you shouldn’t be. Remember, anytime something comes out of left field with Trump one of the most viable options is that he’s making money off of it, or someone else is – typically a donor or a supporter. Oh – guess what – while Trump is estimated to have only about $3,000 in Sanofi…should come as no surprise:

Billionaire Ken Fisher, a major Republican donor (including to Trump) is one of Sanofi’s largest shareholders, while Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross used to run a fund that invested in Sanofi, the Times reported.

SURPRISE! What is it with that pesky ethics clause in the Constitution anyways. What a hinderance!

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