On November

The virus is worrisome and demands our immediate attention. But I also worry about November.

Why worry about something so far away? Well, because I don’t think we will have this virus squared away by then. With any luck the warm weather that accompanies spring and fall will slow the spread – it won’t eliminate it, as people still do get flus in the summer – but it will hopefully slow the spread.

Even if COVID-19’s spread slows over the summer, it will be but a temporary reprieve. Just like flus and colds, the spread of COVID-19 will be likely emboldened by the cold weather and we will see infections surge again, absent a vaccine or herd-immunity-by-exposure. And with that surge will likely come the GOP’s claims to postpone the election

It isn’t that far-fetched. Even now states are postponing the Democratic primaries. I don’t disagree with that, however what happens when they can’t ever be held? If Biden is (likely) nominated, will the die-hard Sanders supporters question the integrity? Will they undermine the validity of it such that Biden’s nomination is in question?

More to come in next post…

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