That’s the number of new cases in King County today. I think that we are at the point where all the people exposed by the careless and irresponsible activities the last several weeks are starting to get sick and appear in the medical system. Good job, folks. /s

Stay Home. Save Lives.

Just today there are three people I know disregarding the directive from the governor and making trips or just doing things as if there’s not a global pandemic occurring.

All of them acknowledged – unprompted – that they weren’t supposed to be – “we’re supposed to be in quarantine – lol” and “…and I should be staying home.” One was taking the bus – a veritable petri dish even on a good day – to visit a boyfriend in W. Seattle, and the other taking various transportation to Bainbridge Island for a family birthday. Let’s hope the birthday isn’t remembered by everyone contracting it. Or perhaps karma will do its work.

This sucks for all of us, I don’t know anyone who relishes having to sit in their homes for days and weeks on end. I’ve been stuck working from home for three weeks – and boy do I want to have the option to go do fun things again. We should all do our part and stay home.

Stay home – please.

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