King County Posts Record Increase of Cases

King County today posted a record 218 new cases of COVID-19, a day after posting ‘only’ 82 amid a string of 100+ counts. I’ll speculate that some of today’s counts may have been some that missed the cutoff for reporting yesterday.

During my perusal on Reddit, some folks were thinking two days of decreasing numbers indicated a trend. I appreciate their optimism…but we are in it for the long haul.

This is unlikely to go away or even improve in the short term

The bottom line with this is that as long as there are people out there that do not have immunity – be it acquired by getting sick from it and recovering or via a vaccine – this virus will continue to be a problem. Even once it’s under control it simply needs a vulnerable host and it’ll happen again. They don’t even know for how long one who recovers from the virus is immune for.

You’ll see it rebound again in countries that have it under control. It’s a fact. Some countries will be more forthcoming than others (China. I mean China. Some countries will be more forthcoming than China), but rest assured it will happen.

I think the only variable is how bad it gets before we get to the point of ‘herd immunity.’ It isn’t going to be by Easter.

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