Deadliest Day In U.S.

Today recorded 129 deaths related to COVID-19 so far today, as of 1445 Pacific time, according to CNN. Unfortunately, Trump began speaking during the newscast.

I would love to critique this as it went – and I tried to follow along – but within all the bloviating there was very little useful information (as per usual). First the usual 2-5 minutes of thanking everyone and their brother. Everything is tremendous, wonderful, great, fantastic. Large sections of the country will be open by Easter – which is arbitrary because Trump stated he ‘liked that time, it’s a beautiful time.’

Surprisingly, he thanked both houses of Congress for their work before departing abruptly, and he appeared sincere. I’d like to think it was truly sincere – but I think it has more to do with he wants the relief bill passed so the economy starts to do better (which will likely be short-lived) – ancillary benefit is that it gets the help to those that need it.

Fauci tap-danced around the random Easter time frame that I think Trump chose to appeal to his evangelical and conservative followers, and also to try to make the market less shitty. Fauci did say it would all depend on the data – but we all know (as does he) that the data will be shittier next week.

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