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Save Masks for the Medical Staff

So I guess yesterday, Trump in his usual ‘management’ style of ‘whichever way the window blows’ or ‘many people are saying’ mulled over whether making everyone wear masks in public was something he wanted to do.

This is is despite guidance from CDC and WHO that wearing masks for the general public is not necessary and provides little benefit; instead focusing on the need to wear a mask only if you are the sick person, or work around sick people (such as medical staff). Other countries have made mask wearing compulsory, even in the face of dubious benefits.

Note the absence (at this time) in either guideline above of the suggestion to wearing mask out in general public, unless you’re ill

Considering the shortage, one would think it would be prudent that perhaps we should save it for medical staff who are in much riskier situations and are consistently exposed before we suggest that all the Karens wear a mask when she goes to the store. If masks were plentiful – and currently they are not – and they provide an ounce of prevention – then sure, draw attention to yourself and wear a mask.

Mask shortage is medical industry’s fault?

Trump also suggested that mask shortages are due to hospitals and staff hoarding them, and even had the gall to suggest they were being sold. Yes, really. This man is a piece of shit – if he really thinks that maybe that would be the time to keep it to yourself and not state it on a podium.

“We have some healthcare workers, some hospitals … hoarding equipment including ventilators,” Trump said at the White House following a meeting with corporate executives, including from U.S. Medical Group.

The man just makes stuff up as he goes without regard for the impact of what he says. As infuriating as it is normally, with the crisis going on now it’s downright dangerous.

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Seattle & King County Public Health COVID-19 Dashboard

Seattle & King County Public Health have created a Summary Dashboard for KC’s COVID-19 data, using Seattle’s own Tableau. It’s interactive, so click the link above to tool around with the data, and even download the dataset if you wish.

There’s some talk about us flattening the curve, however I think it might be too early to tell. I think if our last two weeks have done any work on the total counts, it’ll slowly become evident in the next week or so.

General Military News

Only In America…

…can a man who avoided his compulsory duty to the nation order those who voluntarily completed their duty to the nation, out of retirement and back onto active duty to help fix the COVID-19 response he bungled for weeks.

Trump has authorized the DoD to recall some Guard and Reservists, as well as some from the IRR, should the DoD feel the need to do so. Only slightly ironic, considering Trump dodged the draft for ‘bone spurs.’ Dodging the draft during the Vietnam War was apparently pretty easy for people with money. Remember those bone spurs when you watch Trump waddle around the golf course.

The order applies to units and individual members in the National Guard and Reserves and certain Individual Ready Reserve members who are normally in an inactive status, according to Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman. Members of the IRR can be involuntarily recalled during a national emergency.

When one joins the U.S. military you are obligated to complete eight (8) years of service – known as the Military Service Obligation (MSO). The MSO can be completed with a combination of active duty, reserve, guard – or more common for those that just do a single enlistment, the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR).

I also had an 8 year MSO. However, I signed up in October of my senior year of high school, and that time also counted toward my MSO. My enlistment began 28 Jul 1997 with an initial 4 years active duty in the USAF, followed by 23 months extension to meet retainability requirements for a retraining (I went from maintenance to aircrew). When I left active duty, I had 5 yrs, 11 months and 29 days on active duty, plus my delayed enlistment time counting towards the 8 yr MSO. I had about two years or so in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) – it ended in October 2005 – eight years after I originally signed up in October 1997.

I think it’s pretty rich that a president who has no qualms about dodging the draft – and who accepts no responsibility for his actions – can call up or activate people who have already fulfilled their active duty or reserve obligation. We’re fortunate that most of those folks are more patriotic and dedicated to this country than the ‘elected’ Commander in Chief.


On November

The virus is worrisome and demands our immediate attention. But I also worry about November.

Why worry about something so far away? Well, because I don’t think we will have this virus squared away by then. With any luck the warm weather that accompanies spring and fall will slow the spread – it won’t eliminate it, as people still do get flus in the summer – but it will hopefully slow the spread.

Even if COVID-19’s spread slows over the summer, it will be but a temporary reprieve. Just like flus and colds, the spread of COVID-19 will be likely emboldened by the cold weather and we will see infections surge again, absent a vaccine or herd-immunity-by-exposure. And with that surge will likely come the GOP’s claims to postpone the election

It isn’t that far-fetched. Even now states are postponing the Democratic primaries. I don’t disagree with that, however what happens when they can’t ever be held? If Biden is (likely) nominated, will the die-hard Sanders supporters question the integrity? Will they undermine the validity of it such that Biden’s nomination is in question?

More to come in next post…



That’s the number of new cases in King County today. I think that we are at the point where all the people exposed by the careless and irresponsible activities the last several weeks are starting to get sick and appear in the medical system. Good job, folks. /s

Stay Home. Save Lives.

Just today there are three people I know disregarding the directive from the governor and making trips or just doing things as if there’s not a global pandemic occurring.

All of them acknowledged – unprompted – that they weren’t supposed to be – “we’re supposed to be in quarantine – lol” and “…and I should be staying home.” One was taking the bus – a veritable petri dish even on a good day – to visit a boyfriend in W. Seattle, and the other taking various transportation to Bainbridge Island for a family birthday. Let’s hope the birthday isn’t remembered by everyone contracting it. Or perhaps karma will do its work.

This sucks for all of us, I don’t know anyone who relishes having to sit in their homes for days and weeks on end. I’ve been stuck working from home for three weeks – and boy do I want to have the option to go do fun things again. We should all do our part and stay home.

Stay home – please.


Dereliction of Duty

Trump states that federal response is dependent on whether state governors ‘show him appreciation’

Yes, you read that right. The President of the United States – yes, all of them, whether he likes it or not, and unfortunately, whether we like it or not (most of us do not) – has made clear that federal response and aid during a pandemic – which is killing people – is related to how appreciative a stricken state’s governor is.

The president mentioned Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, both Democrats who have been critical of the White House’s actions to combat the deadly pandemic.

Trump said that Pence “calls all the governors. And I tell him, I’m a different type of person, and I say, ’Mike, don’t call the governor of Washington. You’re wasting your time with him.”

I wonder why they’re critical. I mean, it could be because everything Trump has done has been centered around what he wants and what he views as important – the economy, jobs. It wouldn’t be because he downplayed it, constantly exaggerates, misleads, and essentially delayed the response to the point that now there’s no way we could get ahead of it.

Thank goodness Gov. Inslee did something before waiting for that orange trashbag to do something. Who knows what state Washington would be in. I guess we can look to New York or the South – the latter of which largely dismissed and ignored what was coming – likely due to their lord and savior Trump’s downplaying.

If you’re not angry – you should be

I know it doesn’t often seem like it, but politicians are elected to represent and work for everyone in their respective districts, states, and countries – regardless of whether they voted for them, and regardless of whether they’re ‘nice’ to you. And the irony in Trump’s case is that he’s pretty nasty to anyone that does anything he doesn’t like. This man is a human piece of shit.

If Trump denies aid to any agency to which is is required to, then all those deaths are on him.


King County Posts Record Increase of Cases

King County today posted a record 218 new cases of COVID-19, a day after posting ‘only’ 82 amid a string of 100+ counts. I’ll speculate that some of today’s counts may have been some that missed the cutoff for reporting yesterday.

During my perusal on Reddit, some folks were thinking two days of decreasing numbers indicated a trend. I appreciate their optimism…but we are in it for the long haul.

This is unlikely to go away or even improve in the short term

The bottom line with this is that as long as there are people out there that do not have immunity – be it acquired by getting sick from it and recovering or via a vaccine – this virus will continue to be a problem. Even once it’s under control it simply needs a vulnerable host and it’ll happen again. They don’t even know for how long one who recovers from the virus is immune for.

You’ll see it rebound again in countries that have it under control. It’s a fact. Some countries will be more forthcoming than others (China. I mean China. Some countries will be more forthcoming than China), but rest assured it will happen.

I think the only variable is how bad it gets before we get to the point of ‘herd immunity.’ It isn’t going to be by Easter.


I blog. Again.

I used to blog, a lot. I started on LiveJournal back in the day, before hosting a WordPress blog on a couple different webhosts. Now it’s self-hosted and lives on my own stuff that is in the Harry Potter Server Closet under the stairs.

Blogging used to be an outlet for me, kind of a way to bitch or vent about things. Facebook happened, and after it became clear in 2016 that social media is a cancer…I slowly weaned myself off of it. Even tried to stop using FB for a while. So I guess FB took the place of blogging, until I sort of stopped all of that altogether.

Fast forward to today. As a result of COVID-19 I’m working from home, and as of this date, I’m in my third week of doing so. I’m finding I spend too much time on Facebook, so I’ve decided to return to this blog. And so, here we are.

Spend some quarantine time with me. Feel free to leave a comment.

I may change the theme and colors and such as I go along. Just sort of updated it a little while ago.

General News

FL Spring Breakers Say They’re Sorry

But Dodge Responsibility – Blames Government

Is accepting responsibility for your actions a thing anymore? At least we know it isn’t generational – the septegenarian that was ‘elected’ as the President of the United States seems to dodge responsibility as readily as 22-year old drunk kids on the beach in Florida.

“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying” 

Brady Sluder – Vapid College Student

Amazingly, merely a week after they were partying they express some remorse. But they are quick to offer the caveat the the government wasn’t clear enough. Gimme a break. Yeah, Trump sucks and was dismissing it until even he couldn’t dismiss it any longer, but c’mon kids – you’re an ‘adult’ and Uncle Sam isn’t your daddy.


KUOW Won’t Air Trump Briefings

If you needed a reason to support public radio…

Citing false information and exaggeration – two of Trump’s hallmarks during his meandering bloviations – local station KUOW will no longer air Trump’s WH briefings live. They want to be able to fact check them, which is difficult to do live (and probably at the rate at which Trump lies).

KUOW stated it was not politically motivated, and they’d reevaluate the decision daily. Not sure what they expect to change, however.