I caved. Well, not really. Well Sorta.

I inadvertently logged into Facebook after about 2.5 weeks. Unfortunately, it also also reactivated my account. I spent several hours cleaning out people, pages, and other things that post garbage to my timeline, mostly in an attempt to remove anything or anyone that would post things that I’d see that would be the trash posts that FB is known for.

Since I removed FB shortcuts and apps from my phone/laptop/toolbar/etc I have to visit the site by manually entering in the URL. Not a big lift, of course, but still a barrier to the instantaneous access before that made it a trivial gesture. I find that I log in maybe once or twice a week, for a few minutes. I made the effort not to scroll down through the feed, and avoid liking and commenting on a lot of things, lest I give the tracking algorithms any more data than is necessary.

Maybe one day I’ll just delete the thing outright, but right now limiting my engagement with it has been good so far.