And…we’re done [With Facebook]

After about 11 years on the platform, and about two years of continually thinking about deleting it… I finally deactivated my FB account last week.

Given that Facebook has little desire to safeguard our data – at least until they’re forced to – about two years ago (post-election) I removed all my personal data (address, workplace, etc) from the site and disabled the platform – the latter of which was how third-party applications and companies access the former. I went far enough to also remove the FB app from my phone and disabled all notifications. In doing so I found without a constant reminder, I didn’t look at it as much anyways. And since then the amount of animosity and vitriol that existed on there simply made FB not worth it any more.

It’s only been a little less than a week and other than a few times when I’d go to the browser on my phone and instinctively try to go to the URL or go to click on the Chrome tool bar shortcut – I haven’t really missed it. Nothing groundbreaking – no “OMG, I feel liberated!” moments as of yet.

Right now, Twitter is filling the void of ‘thing to look at when bored.’ It’s not reached the point where I feel the need to avoid it, but then again it’s user interface doesn’t lend itself (in my opinion) to much more than a few minutes of scrolling. Time will tell.

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