Oh, The Travesty

Entitled tech-babies lament the loss of free food while others lose jobs and struggle to pay rent and other bills

COVID-19 has hit the world hard. In America, perhaps especially so, given the worthless ‘leadership’ in the White House. But, please, take a minute and think of those facing the most difficult hardship of all: the tech company employees.

Yes, the people that work for companies that treat ethics and morality as mere distractions in the quest of the almighty dollar, are struggling too:

“My productivity has gone down as well Because (a) I didn’t have a coffee machine at home, and ended up either having to take a mile-long walk to Starbucks or fight against my morning drowsiness; (b) I now need to cook, do the dishes, etc, which are previously handled by the office cafeteria,” one person posted on the site.

You see, without the promise of free food, or laundry pickup, or even reimbursable car service, they’re forced to have to forage for food themselves, wash their own clothes, and gasp! figure out how to get from point A to point B. What a terrible way to live!

I mean, can you just imagine. This kind of suffering is unwarranted. Good thing some of the most honest companies have really stepped up:

Additional source:

Life is tough, so they get to keep a job, but get paid a lil extra for the privilege, don’t have to worry about sucking at their job – you’ll get a ‘exceeds expectation’ – which just means they’ll get that fat bonus. Good for them!

So while you are hearing in the news about unemployment, businesses going under, and you have friends and family without any income – and let’s not even mention that many people have lost friends and family – please, think of the suffering tech employees.

Learned helplessness is real.

I offer the best thing one can offer in these times for our embattled tech employees: thoughts and prayers.

Or send takeout.

Disclosure: I do still have a relatively well-paid tech job during COVID. No it’s not for the greedy tech companies, and no, I don’t get any perks – but I do get the paycheck.

General News

Alright Y’all

Some of y’all still don’t get it, I’m afraid.

Given the amount of free time I currently have, as I am sentenced to work from home (WFH) for the foreseeable future, I spend too much time on Facebook. To be clear, I feel that any time on Facebook is too much time (it’s a societal cancer, the company sucks, favors money over laws, etc). That said, I see a lot of y’all need some perspective.

You can live without a haircut.

It’s true, I promise. Y’all should be staying at home – even in SC where Gov McDouchebag’s ‘order‘ was more of a ‘Stay home unless y’all got somewhere else ya wanna be.’ Ain’t no one gonna see your long and unkempt hair if you’re staying at home. If you’re concerned about others seeing it, well – you’re staying at home wrong.

If you’re that stressed about it – fine, cut it yourself. Your barber or hairstylists can lose their license if they cut their hair outside the salon or licensed place of business. And what if you spread COVID to them, and they spread it to others? Or the inverse – you get it from them, and they spread it to you?

That would be a hell of a favor – risking their career for you. Are you going to pay their bills if they lose their license so you can have that fresh cut? What about their medical bills if they get sick doing so?

People are getting sick, many are dying and you are worried about that fade

I know people who have lost family members. I personally know people that have gotten sick from it. I have family members with medical issues who would probably be die if they were to contract COVID. Can you live with that on your conscience if you got someone sick and they died? Or you got them sick and they passed it to a household member who died?

Stay the fuck home already.

None of us like this – I don’t like this. I want to be out and about enjoying the spectacular Pacific Northwest. Do the right thing. Your fucking haircut can wait.


Nearly 30% of Americans Think COVID-19 Came From a Lab

The correlations are exactly what you would expect, too

Republicans and Republican-leaners believe it was lab-created more than any other group. This should come as no surprise as it is likely the same group that also listens to sensational ‘news’ (Fox, etc) and is subjected to conspiracy theories. The fact that Trump himself subscribes to those theories isn’t useful either.

Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are more likely than Democrats and Democratic leaners to say the coronavirus was created in a lab (37% vs. 21%). About four-in-ten conservative Republicans say this (39%), the largest share of any ideological group.

Pew Research Center (source URL under graphic below)

There’s also a correlation between education level and belief in where the virus came from as well. Consider too that higher education tends to mean more liberal – a correlation that is really not surprising at all. Correlation != causation, but it is an interesting datapoint is all.


Do you want to look guilty?

Because that’s how you look guilty.

China is now making sure that all research into the origins of the virus undergoes scrutiny.

A Chinese researcher who spoke on condition of anonymity due to fear of retaliation said the move was a worrying development that would likely obstruct important scientific research.

“I think it is a coordinated effort from (the) Chinese government to control (the) narrative, and paint it as if the outbreak did not originate in China,” the researcher told CNN. “And I don’t think they will really tolerate any objective study to investigate the origination of this disease.”

You’re as surprised as I am, right?


Trump’s ABC Mantra: Always Be Conning

Even during COVID-19 which is killing people, Trump is finding a way to ensure himself and his political donors benefit. Because of course he is.

Sanofi is a French pharmaceutical company that makes the drug hydroxychloroquine (aka Plaquenil – not sold in the U.S.) – a drug Trump has been touting as a cure for COVID-19 despite warnings from any valid medical official to the contrary, and despite that the FDA hasn’t approved it (or any drug) for the treatment of COVID-19 (only testing).

Trump even blocked Dr. Fauci from answering questions regarding the efficacy of the drug. Seems weird that he’d be so adamant about that, eh?

Trump’s three family trusts have investments in a Dodge & Cox mutual fund, with Sanofi as the largest holding, according to the Times

Surprise! Nah, you shouldn’t be. Remember, anytime something comes out of left field with Trump one of the most viable options is that he’s making money off of it, or someone else is – typically a donor or a supporter. Oh – guess what – while Trump is estimated to have only about $3,000 in Sanofi…should come as no surprise:

Billionaire Ken Fisher, a major Republican donor (including to Trump) is one of Sanofi’s largest shareholders, while Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross used to run a fund that invested in Sanofi, the Times reported.

SURPRISE! What is it with that pesky ethics clause in the Constitution anyways. What a hinderance!


Hey Y’all

SC Governor half-asses a stay at home order

In keeping with the unofficial SC state motto “First At Being Last” Gov. McMaster finally ordered – sorta – the Palmetto State to stay at home – sorta.

Basically, the order tells residents what they shouldn’t do – but the things explicitly allowed are akin to locking the front door, but leaving the back door ajar and declaring ‘sekurity’. Much like other states, non-essential activities are to be curtailed, but two things that would make a big difference are permitted: church and visiting family.

McMaster’s order allows things most other states forbid in their orders due to the risk

Seriously – no kidding – you can go visit your family and get them sick. Or they can get you sick – whichever – so then you can all go to church and get sick (or others sick) together. And in the South, it’s not just old people who go to church, even the younger folks are brainwashed too.

McMaster, while speaking of allowing church, stated he didn’t want to trample on the First Amendment. Sure, it allows freedom of religion – we’re cool with that I guess – but no one is prevent you from practicing your religion – just means you can’t gather and infect others while you do so. Some of my more religious friends in SC have stated you do not need a church to have church – it’s just a building. Maybe now would be a good time for some of y’all to think about that.

Please, stay home, South Carolina

Listen, I love to tell people here in Seattle that South Carolina looked best in the rearview (it did – not sorry!), but I know and love a lot of y’all still in the Palmetto State. SC could suffer badly from this – lots of poor folks in tight-knit communities, many of which minorities – and we know SC’s track record on institutionalized discrimination – puts a lot of people at a disadvantage.

Here’s what works – it sucks, but it works: just stay home if you can. If you have to work, well you have to work. The Seattle area has been doing it for over a month and it’s seriously helping. Just do it. Yeah, it sucks not even being able to go out and visit friends for a glass of wine or a drink on the porch (I guess you could…6′ away) or just to catch up. Or swing by the significant other’s house.

Stay home – stay alive – so you can vote non-Republican in November


WA State Stay Home Order Extended 30 Days

I hope you are comfortable at home, because that’s where you’ll be for another 30 days. Gov. Inslee today extended it thorough 04 May 2020. I am sure a foolish mask decision will be forthcoming soon. Read about today’s announcement below:

I do agree with the overall strategy here, but it’s getting old that many of us are doing the right thing, meanwhile those that aren’t are ruining this for everyone – everyone – throughout the country. So, for those of you who choose to think only of yourself and travel to your BF’s house, or traipse across town for a family birthday party, or even jet out of town to ‘find yourselves’ or some shit – screw you.

General News

China Decides to Release Accurate Numbers

In a surprise to no one, China was releasing numbers favorable to the regime

In China, people who test positive for the virus but don’t have any symptoms are not classified as confirmed cases. This runs counter to the practice in countries like South Korea, Japan and Singapore, where all patients who test positive are included in official tallies of total cases, regardless of whether they have symptoms such as a fever or cough.

The same government that covered up – perhaps for many weeks or even a month – the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in late 2019 – has now been found to have been releasing incomplete case numbers. This should come as absolutely no surprise – a tiger doesn’t change its stripes. See also: SARS; Swine Flu.

Why, though?

Since they prematurely declared they ‘won’ the battle against the very same pandemic that they initially botched, thereby likely allowing it to get out of control in Wuhan and thus, the rest of the world; releasing any information to the contrary would be the equivalent of losing face and embarrassment to the CCP. You can’t have that! Add to it that China has kicked out foreign journalists and the fact that the CCP has complete control over all media in China – now you have no other narrative than the one they wish to publicize.

General News Public Safety

Save Masks for the Medical Staff

So I guess yesterday, Trump in his usual ‘management’ style of ‘whichever way the window blows’ or ‘many people are saying’ mulled over whether making everyone wear masks in public was something he wanted to do.

This is is despite guidance from CDC and WHO that wearing masks for the general public is not necessary and provides little benefit; instead focusing on the need to wear a mask only if you are the sick person, or work around sick people (such as medical staff). Other countries have made mask wearing compulsory, even in the face of dubious benefits.

Note the absence (at this time) in either guideline above of the suggestion to wearing mask out in general public, unless you’re ill

Considering the shortage, one would think it would be prudent that perhaps we should save it for medical staff who are in much riskier situations and are consistently exposed before we suggest that all the Karens wear a mask when she goes to the store. If masks were plentiful – and currently they are not – and they provide an ounce of prevention – then sure, draw attention to yourself and wear a mask.

Mask shortage is medical industry’s fault?

Trump also suggested that mask shortages are due to hospitals and staff hoarding them, and even had the gall to suggest they were being sold. Yes, really. This man is a piece of shit – if he really thinks that maybe that would be the time to keep it to yourself and not state it on a podium.

“We have some healthcare workers, some hospitals … hoarding equipment including ventilators,” Trump said at the White House following a meeting with corporate executives, including from U.S. Medical Group.

The man just makes stuff up as he goes without regard for the impact of what he says. As infuriating as it is normally, with the crisis going on now it’s downright dangerous.

General News Seattle

Seattle & King County Public Health COVID-19 Dashboard

Seattle & King County Public Health have created a Summary Dashboard for KC’s COVID-19 data, using Seattle’s own Tableau. It’s interactive, so click the link above to tool around with the data, and even download the dataset if you wish.

There’s some talk about us flattening the curve, however I think it might be too early to tell. I think if our last two weeks have done any work on the total counts, it’ll slowly become evident in the next week or so.